Who are we?

We are a full service production company offering a bespoke solution for any client based on budget, creative,  technical requirements and timeline. We're all driven towards the same goal, to create creative projects in the mediums of digital video and still photography.

Founded in 2012 and based in Cairo, With local and international experience in planning and executing shoots in Egypt, Dubai, Beirut and New York,  our in-house team coupled with our network of creative talent and artists collectively share a diverse experience working on projects at the highest industry levels. 

Talent representation:

We're here to improve the options for local creative agencies and brands and be a part of the rapid and ongoing change in the market and this is why we seek to discover and represent exciting creative minds who excel in what they do.

Our Services:

  • Photographic and Video Production 

  • Digital media content.

  • Talent Representation